Staff Life

This is a dynamic document with our annual timeline and all included action steps.
This is the basic building block of an event at CrossPointe. Fill this out to get started with an event.
This document must be filed out before your event can be finalized and added to the church calendar. This form should be completed at least four moths before your event.
If you have any sound or video needs for your event this goes directly to Pastor Jordan. This form should be completed at least three months before your event.
Any and all promotional needs can be requested in this one form. This form should be completed at least two months before your event.
This form is the macdaddy of all forms! It combines all four of the above forms if you would rather do it all at once.
This is all of our policy and procedure docs at CrossPointe Church.
Request vacation time, Spiritual and Emotional time or let us know you're working away from the office.
The log-in to Church Community Builder.