The Shepherd's Promise!

Oct 15, 2023    David Rogers

Jesus is our awesome Savior and means so much to us in so many ways! There are many things we learn about Him in Scripture and a number of the things we learn comes from the different titles given to Him. Of all of the names given to Jesus, perhaps the most endearing is the title of Shepherd. And nowhere in Scripture is Jesus more clearly portrayed as the Shepherd of God’s people than in the tenth chapter of John’s gospel. In this incredible chapter, Jesus describes Himself as “the door of the sheep”, thus meaning, He is our source for eternal life. In addition, Jesus describes Himself as “The True Shepherd”. By referring to Himself as the True Shepherd, Jesus was invoking imagery that would have been familiar to His hearers. He used the symbols of sheep and their shepherd several times, referring to Himself as not only the “True” Shepherd, but the Good Shepherd”. In this series we will look at what it means that Jesus is the Good Shepherd and how that applies to our lives as God’s “sheep”.