Dec 24, 2023    David Rogers

The celebration of the birth of Christ is such a special time of year! But just before that we have Advent! Advent is a season of great expectation! And for those new to the concept of Advent, the Advent season is a four week period just before Christmas that celebrates the anticipation and coming of our Lord Jesus Christ. The origin of advent comes from a Latin word which simply means "coming" or "arrival." Not only is it the Christian meaning for preparation and celebration of the coming of Jesus Christ by His birth at Christmas, but it also is meant to celebrate the new life when someone surrenders to Jesus Christ as their Savior! In this series we will explore the four themes traditionally discussed as we celebrate the arrival of Christ! Those four themes are Hope, Peace, Love, and Joy — one for each week leading up to Christmas. For the final Sunday of the month of December, we will look at the reaction of the Shepherds as they react to the birth of their Savior!