Rest, Wisdom and Strength | Message

Jun 26, 2022    Michael Buffaloe

Pastor and author Lance Witt once said, “It’s not easy to slow down our lives. Despite all the lamenting about how busy we are and the pace we maintain, we like exhilaration. It makes us feel important. We like pushing the envelope, and we like the adrenaline rush of a full life. Even when we’d like to get off the treadmill, we’re not sure what we would give up.” This seems to be so true considering the daily conversations I have with people. Everyone is tired, but no one takes the time to replenish. There is a real need in our lives to recognizing when to be still, delight in the Lord, and to establish healthy rhythms and simplicity in your life! To do this we must first recognize the importance of a Christ-like Identity! And then, we must press into our Savior! Lean hard into Him! Rest in Him and learn from Him! In this short series we will dive into what it means to Replenish and to find rest for our souls! We will learn what it will take to start living life from a healthier place!