The Rejective Behavior of Unbelief!

Sep 10, 2023    Michael Buffaloe

Blindspots hinder us from seeing something that is otherwise visible. It’s there, but we don’t see it! In Jesus’ ministry, He could not have been more clear about who He was and what His purpose was in carrying out the Father’s will as He went from village to village preaching the truth. However, there were many who simply could not see it. As clear as He was at explaining the reality of who He was, their own thoughts about who the Messiah was supposed to be and their inability to understand the truth of it proved to be blindspots for them. In this series we will take an in-depth look at spiritual blindness. In this walk through John 9, we want to help you see clearly and help you self-examine the things that may be hindering your vision. Jesus is the Light of the world. Anyone who follows Him will never walk in darkness but will have the light of life.