When the Chains Come Off! | LifeGroup

Aug 7, 2022    Jason Van Nus

In the book of Acts we see how the church was involved in fellowship, prayer, generosity, and the breaking of bread. We see how the church was faithful in evangelism without any shame or fear. We see how the church was a catalyst for God’s plan even when it faced persecution and hardship. In fact, if there is one word that best describes the early church it is RESILIENT. Resilient literally means to be able to withstand or recover quickly from difficult situations. In every challenge they faced, their faith pushed them to stay focused on Jesus! And it’s their faith that teaches us to be resilient, not only as individuals, but also as the church! In this sermon series, we will explore a few lessons learned in Acts chapters 12-14, and see how important they are to us as a church!