Hope Through Christ

Jun 6, 2021

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What do you hope for? That is such a great question, isn’t it? The reality is we hope for all kinds of things, and our hopes are all different. Sometimes when we say we hope for something we are not hoping at all, but rather engaging in wishful thinking. That’s because we have no confident expectation of a positive outcome of the things we hope for. And then there is the opposite of this. For example, we come to a place where we are living without hope and we find ourselves overwhelmed with hopelessness. It is at this point in our life where we desperately want to answer another question: Is there any hope? I have met with people time and time again where they say they have lost all hope! But here is the good news of this series… Hope is Alive! The truth is, hope is not just for a select few! Hope is not just a pipe dream! Hope is alive and His name is Jesus! If you call yourself a follower of Christ, you have been given a reason for hope!

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