Counting the Cost

Feb 27, 2022    Michael Buffaloe

Life has always been about moving forward! However, in moving forward we usually have to overcome obstacles! In other words, making progress costs us something. If we want to lose weight, it costs us time, discipline to exercise. As Christians, when we think of moving forward we naturally think of following Jesus wherever He leads. Just before Jesus ascended into heaven, He called His disciples to go and make disciples of all nations. And for the most part throughout history, the church has been somewhat faithful to that calling. However, when we hit obstacles that prevent us from moving forward in kingdom work, we must consider the costs. We are required to make adjustments press on. Quitting is not an option! In this series, we will look at a portion of Scripture from the book of Acts where at times the church celebrated what God was doing and was excited about life. Other times they faced hardship. But they stood firm and persevered! God’s mission is non-negotiable. As the church today, we must always recognize this and move forward!