Hurricane Ian made landfall in Florida as a Category 4 storm on Wednesday, September 28th, tying for the 4th-strongest storm to hit the Sunshine State. Powerful winds and storm surges knocked out power across Florida, plunging 2 million Floridians into darkness as of Wednesday night. As it leaves a path of devastation in its wake, people may want to help. Here's how to do that:

Donate Money

One way to help Floridians and others affected by the hurricane is to donate money. Money given to CrossPointe Church will be used to purchase essential items for those in need, supplies, tools and equipment for relief workers as well as travel costs. All donations are tax deductible. Please change FUND to 'Hurricane Relief' You can also give by texting 'CPServe' to 77411.

Donate Supplies

Another way to help would be to donate essential items for those stricken by the hurricane and the relief workers that are on their way.
What NOT to donate
Clothing is rarely needed following a disaster, except for NEW underwear, socks, etc. Manpower to sort, size and display used clothing is often in short supply at the disaster site. Water is another item that is normally brought in at the request of government officials. Individual bottles or jugs of water are hard to transport and store, and can cause more problems than they fix. Do not donate broken or soiled items – there is no one there who has the time to repair those things, and your well-meant donation may be discarded to make room for more useable items.

So, what should I donate?
As a general rule, non-perishable (canned or dried) food is welcome. Also include a hand-operated can opener or two with your donation. Personal-care items (soap, toothpaste, toothbrushes, deodorant, combs, hairbrushes, shampoo, feminine care products, etc.) are also useful. NEW underwear and socks (in the original packaging), and cleaning supplies are always needed, as are baby products. Bedding, towels and washcloths, kitchen items (new dishes, pots and pans, coffee makers, paring knives, etc) are always welcome by those who have lost everything. Be sure to use common sense in choosing items. A general rule-of- thumb is to purchase what you would buy for yourself. Someone there at the disaster site is probably your size and has your tastes

What about tools and Equipment?
After a devastating storm like Ian many people's homes will be damaged, some severely. Items like blue plastic tarps of various sizes, rolled plastic, roofing nails and plywood are all useful for repairing a damaged home. Tools such as work gloves, hammers, prybars, shovels and rakes may replace the tools that have been lost in the storm. Supplies such as mops, brooms, buckets, cleaning rags and scrub brushes can make the cleaning effort easier.


After a devastating storm, first responders and emergency crews move in to make the area safe and assess the greatest needs of the community. While we wait to hear where the greatest needs are and how we can best assist we will build teams here in preparation for relief efforts. CrossPointe Church is partnering with the Georgia Baptist Mission Board and several other agencies that have experience in disaster relief so that we can truly be helpful to those in need and not a hindrance.